Growing up in a small town, I experienced my summers surrounded by trees to climb, bikes to ride, and plenty of mischief to get into. I often look back on those days with a feeling of longing. How quickly those summers seemed to slide on by. There was so much to do and never enough sunlight to do it all. I think that’s what made those days so magical. Coming to camp reawakened these memories and inspired me to capture a little of what I remember and live those days for a while longer.
​Camp has a funny way of bringing out the best in people. It awakens untapped passion. It creates a haven for the shy and lonely. Fears are faced and friendships are formed. For the weeks spent at camp, it means lives are changed. Those moments, feelings, twinkles in between have a lasting effect on anyone that has witnessed. And the footprint left, when the real world comes back for us to face, is an anthem; a melody started with its hot summer days.
​This work chronicles two summers worth of witnessing and adventuring through the tears, the smiles, the laughter, and the moments in between. I found what I was chasing and I have new memories to hold on to as I grow up.

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